Portugal might just be the last secret of Europe. Basking in the rays of the Southern European sun, cooled by a sea breeze swept up from the Atlantic, Portugal is a treat year round.

Wind swept, sleepy surf towns in the south, trendy port towns along the West coast and a sprinkling of charming townships throughout the Portuguese countryside.

Though Lagos in the summer attracts hoards of boozy backpackers, most of the Algarve remains largely untouched by the hand of millennial tourism. British expats make up a large percentage of the residents, evident in the constant streaming of soccer matches in pubs.

The Portuguese move through the world with a one-day-at-a-time attitude. With enormous potential to dominate Afro-European trade routes and nudge the Spanish out of economic dominance, they simply don’t have the drive or the care for it. Their laid-back essence dances through white cobble-stoned streets, across dramatic coastlines and through rows of grapevines that produce wine so good you wouldn’t believe it only costs a few euros a bottle.