Why Intrepid’s new Asia Pass is a game changer

Turned off group tours? A lot of backpackers avoid booking tours because it spoils the magic of spontaneity. Locking in rigid dates weeks, even months in advance means you haven’t got a lot of wiggle room to stay in a city you absolutely love.

Intrepid’s new ‘Asia Pass’ could solve that problem.

The new multi-trip pass allows you to travel on any 18-29 tour Intrepid runs in Asia. India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are amongst the destinations included.

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60 and 90-day passes are available. And they’re super cheap. From just $55.55 per day, you can enjoy up to 90 days of touring. Take on Everest Base Camp, marvel at the Taj Mahal and cruise through Halong Bay all on this one pass!

With the 60-day pass, you’ve got 90 days to complete your tours. With the 90-day pass, you can spread it over 120 days. So if you finish up one tour in Hanoi and decide you want to stay for a while, you don’t have to rush off to your next departure point. Relax, eat some Pho and take your time to decide where you’ll go next.

You can begin booking your tours within 45 days of departure and at least 15 days in advance for tours in India and China. You can book one at a time or all at once.

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Find out more about the Asia Pass here.

A similar pass for South America is in the works. I’m keeping my ears and eyes open for this one. South America is a HUGE undertaking and taking it on solo is looking pretty freaking daunting.

In other Intrepid news, the launch of Vegan Food Adventures has got the vegan travel community hyped. I’m heading to India to check it out in April 2019. There’s also tours in Thailand and Italy. More departure dates are being announced as interest grows so get around it. Check out the Intrepid Vegan Food tours here.